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Our dedicated specialists' mission is to construct your application development vision precisely and deliver optimal performance, ensuring ideal performance. No matter: project size, requirements, and alteration needs, we provide multi-platform application and speed-boosting frameworks.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Business to Business Functionality
Dynamic Green Radiance CRM is a must for businesses that value data-driven decisions. Empower your business with an innovative modern cloud base environment that is easily personalized, intuitive, and has extensive partnership compatibility. Delivering a logical user-friendly interface composed of real-time data sharing capabilities for project collaboration, customizable personal views within your team, and color-coded to add a personal touch. With no timeline length, infinite data can be stored and recovered even after deletion. 

Dynamic Integration and Scaling
Data is the heart of each business from small businesses to large businesses, and integration is the key to business success, but most organizations don’t have a strategy. Dynamic Green Radiance scalable CRM platform enables import capability of multifaceted applications, Excel, Salesforce, google doc., calendars, helpdesk software, and email clients to integrate and manage interactions in a centralized system seamlessly.  

Easily manage a hybrid cloud model 
Dynamic Green Radiance CRM hybrid cloud environment allows for easy access from anywhere as long as you have secure internet access. Integrating private onsite and public remote computing access our CRM gives your business global cloud compatibility, so your workflow never has to stop. Making it easier for international teams to collaborate and coordinate on the same projects.

Dynamic Green CRM’s collaborative security helps protect your data by implementing SSO. Combine other easy access tools like Microsoft Office Authentication and Google Apps credentials authentication to allow quick and secure connections to the Wi-Fi network and domain resources. Blocking network access until users are approved - giving you absolute control over who has access to your data. 

Database Customization

Life Cycle Management
Through improved dependability, supportability, and maintainability, Dynamic Green Radiance Life Cycle Management concepts have been initiated to create more effective, inexpensive, operationally ready systems. We make sure the sustainment strategy is consistently reviewed and fully compliant with all relevant legislative requirements throughout the life cycle of the system.:

Access Gateway
Dynamic Green Radiance WAG (Wireless access gateway) greatly simplifies administration using our cloud base platform. User authentication is aided by SSO, which will greatly increase security regulations tailored to each individualized user. Providing:
-Zero-Trust administration of servers and infrastructure
-Dependable platform for safe and secure user IDs
-Adaptable elements that offer a simple identity experience
-Secure access to on-premises applications 

User Management
At Dynamic Green Radiance, we help reduce the workload on your team by making integration easy. We empower you through our management solutions platform, where all your data can be managed and retrieved from a central location. Enabling easy search access, running reports, leaving comments, or sending messages directly from within the database.  Operations are streamlined while ensuring everyone has secure access to the resources they need from any location. 

Modernize identity
When using Dynamic Green Radiance cloud-based identity solutions, you can retire legacy infrastructure and enable secure access across your cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. Modern identity requires a cloud-first approach. Primarily providing the following:
-Stay secure and resilient
-Improve workforce productivity
-Reduce cost and increase IT efficiency 

Wireless Network

Health Care /Hospitals
Healthcare professionals need access to critical information on the spot. With many operations and processes dependent on electronic storage, communications, and delivery systems, reliable connectivity is vital. Any delay in information delivery can affect the outcome of life-or-death decisions that doctors have to make daily. This high-stakes environment and the critical need to keep doctors and staff connected make connectivity even more critical for the healthcare industry. In short,  slow latent performance and compromisable wireless connections are unacceptable.

Dynamic Green Radiance Wireless offers innovative modern wireless technology solutions globally strengthening the connectivity of people, places, and things. Our wireless technology enables health care service providers, enterprises, government, and military agencies; internet service providers, and public safety organizations to build powerful communications networks. 

Now more than ever around the globe having a reliable internet connection is important to the success of teachers, administrators, students inside and outside of the classroom. The pandemic has made it evident that the internet is essential for modern learning. Not only is a reliable internet connection essential, a high bandwidth and stability are as important to always ensure connectivity and performance.

Dynamic Green Radiance Wi-Fi Our exceptional integrated Wi-Fi access has allowed us to lead the way to wireless technology by providing a smart, secure, dependable, and seamless wireless connectivity. As the need for wireless connectivity for post-secondary education quickly expands, the number of wireless devices increases per student.

Multi-complex units
As bandwidth needs continue to multiply, consumers require faster broadband speeds. Living in a multi-dwelling unit building (MDU) or in a single-family home entails the same obligations. Studies show Millennials are residing longer in MDU’s due to high student loan debt and desire to be mobile. Preferring MDU living because of the convenience of shopping, restaurants & public transportation.
Dynamic Green Radiance Network provides secure, private roaming Wi-Fi for Multi-Dwelling Units. Enabling full property coverage, secure in-home Wi-Fi, and private networks that roam across property.  


Phishing Training
It is essential for companies to strengthen security awareness initiatives by providing phishing training to prevent data loss, erase privacy risk issues and recognize threats. 

Dynamic Green Radiance Cybersecurity utilize simulated phishing platform as an additional security layer by integrating baseline testing using real-world mock attacks, engaging interactive training and continuous assessment through simulated phishing attacks. Providing various training by certified instructors with optional access, interactive live webinars, self-paced online classes, and Certification Exams. 

Security Awareness Training
Security awareness training is a strategy used by state and local government, US Military, law enforcement, private industry, intelligent community, and health care professionals to prevent and mitigate user risk. These programs are designed to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches. Many security awareness training programs ignore education best practices, delivering training in one-off sessions that overwhelm users with information or worse, are forgettable.

Dynamic Green Radiance Security Awareness Training focuses on engaging today’s workforce to reduce user risk. Training must be persistent and continuous if it is to be effective, delivered regularly in small doses, to fit employees’ busy schedules. Security Awareness training provided is the ideal answer to preventing financial and legal violations, as it teaches our employees be responsible managing sensitive information.

Managing Risk
Risk Management is a combined and continuous process of decision analysis and proactive management. It identifies and quantifies opportunities and threats. Dynamic Green Radiance we identify, analyze, prioritize, treat, and monitor risk continuously. Risk management activities are fully operational and all compliance measures (including metrics reporting and independent oversight) are in place. We strive towards operational excellence understanding best-in-class performance levels and implement programmed changes to achieve them through a continuous improvement process.

Dynamic Green Radiance Cybersecurity provides a Zero Networking solution that gives companies of all sizes safe remote access to their on-premises or cloud-based private apps, data, and environments. It offers clients a completely integrated set of cyber security and compliance tools, including risk management, policy management, privacy, eLearning, and simulated phishing.
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