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Phishing & Cyber Security Compliance

Our Cyber Security team will ensure your organization has an intelligent and adaptable framework of preventative technologies and measures designed to shield networks, devices, programs, and data from unauthorized exposure and destructive repercussions. Commerce is becoming increasingly digitized — and so does the potential of cyberattacks. Insulate your business against malicious exploitive cyber activities ahead of time.

Phishing Training
It is essential for companies to strengthen security awareness initiatives by providing phishing training to prevent data loss, erase privacy risk issues and recognize threats. 

Dynamic Green Radiance Cybersecurity utilize simulated phishing platform as an additional security layer by integrating baseline testing using real-world mock attacks, engaging interactive training and continuous assessment through simulated phishing attacks. Providing various training by certified instructors with optional access, interactive live webinars, self-paced online classes, and Certification Exams. 

Security Awareness Training
Security awareness training is a strategy used by state and local government, US Military, law enforcement, private industry, intelligent community, and health care professionals to prevent and mitigate user risk. These programs are designed to help users and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches. Many security awareness training programs ignore education best practices, delivering training in one-off sessions that overwhelm users with information or worse, are forgettable.

Dynamic Green Radiance Security Awareness Training focuses on engaging today’s workforce to reduce user risk. Training must be persistent and continuous if it is to be effective, delivered regularly in small doses, to fit employees’ busy schedules. Security Awareness training provided is the ideal answer to preventing financial and legal violations, as it teaches our employees be responsible managing sensitive information. 
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