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Dynamic Green Radiance LLC is a network services management company with an expertise in assisting local, state, and federal government achieve their infrastructure goals. We specialize in enterprise management solutions, offering a wide range of professional solutions including cyber security, network engineering, network analysis and IT infrastructure, architecture, and consulting.

Our expertise

We provide our customers with tangible solutions.

IT Infrastructure

We help our clients develop an IT strategy to ascend their business to the next level and achieve foresighted progress.
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Data Management
& Analysis

We help our client's complicated data systems adhere to business objectives, and ensure they make fact-based decisions.
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Phishing & Cyber
Security Compliance

Cyber security compliance isn't easy; we're dedicated to delivering industry-leading assessments / security strategies.
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We utilize AI-driven technology and industry-leading collaboration tools to help our clients tackle their most ambitious projects.
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Web/Social Media Design & Management

We help clients build their digital brand by applying the RACE
(Reach, Act, Convert and Engage) framework.
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Enterprise Training
& Staffing

We provide expert training that help our clients improve job productivity, the morale and retention rate of employees.
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We specialize in dynamic solutions for the public & private sectors.

We embrace diversity not only in our teams, but in our capabilities. We support local, state, and federal governments in Information Technology, Education, Health, Solar Energy, Human Services and more.

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We pride ourselves on solving problems.

Our eight-step approach to help our clients solve their most complex problems include:
1. Gaining a thorough understanding of the subject matter
2. Defining the project goal
3. Making a List of Tasks & Deliverables
4. Identifying the Stakeholders
5. Resource Planning
6. Project Scheduling
7. Project Budgeting
8. Kick-off Meeting Facilitation

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