April 6, 2022

Infrastructure Technical Specialist Senior

Infrastructure Technical Specialist Senior

Agency: OSSE

Work Location: 1050 First St NE

Short Description: 11-15 years of experience. Subject Matter Expert in application design.

Complete Description:


1. Demonstrates expertise in conveying technical and functional concepts for a specific technical specialty.
2. Identifies improvements to project standards to achieve high-quality services/products.
3. Identifies best practices and standards for the use of the product.
4. Delivers support and design for industry-specific technologies that require integration with systems or networks.
5. Interacts with executive-level business users or technical experts.
6. Functions as a niche technical SME.
7. Lead experience with technical expertise across large, complex implementations for systems.

Minimum Education/Certification Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience

Required/Desired Skills

• 11+years as SME in complex enterprise-level projects
• 15+ years of bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience
• 11+ years of software development life cycle experience
• 8+ years of MS Office, MS Project, and other project management tools experience
• 7+years of EGMS or other grant management software configuration and development experience
• 10+ years of client relationship management experience
• 8+ years of business process analysis and the ability to implement change
• 8+ years’ Experience developing strategies and processes to improve overall business flow
• 10 + years Strong communication skills + the ability to articulate technical terms/complex data clearly to non-technical audiences both verbally and in writing

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