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Manage initiatives, meetings, and programs into shared projects.
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Monitor, analyze, & improve results

Project Management

  • Projects - Manage initiatives, meetings, and programs into shared projects as lists or Kanban or dashboards.
  • Tasks - Systematize large projects into practical steps for your Project management team.
  • Subtasks - Simplify comprehensive tasks into clear, practical steps.
  • Milestones - Oversee the process of the undertaking with checkpoints to quantify the rate of completion.
  • Team Task - Streamline workflows with group tasking so project activity and progress correspond seamlessly.
  • Due Dates & Times - Clearly define deadlines, so tasks are completed in a timely manner.
  • Custom Fields - Customize field names, types, formulas, and values and create uniquely effective fields for your specific projects.
  • And Much More!
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harness Your data

Personal Views,Team View, & Reporting

  • Dashboards - Centralized project and chart monitoring enable an objective understanding of project workflows and enact improvements.
  • My Tasks - Highlight personalized priorities in your customizable task space.
  • Gallery - In gallery view quickly locate files.
  • Portfolios - Portfolio enables real-time project monitoring.
  • Goals - Assign relevant tasks and monitor their completion in real time.
  • Timeline - Streamline project with trackable progress timeline. 
  • Workload - Oversee real-time team members' activity and keep workload balanced
  • Calendar View - Oversee all your tasks and upcoming priorities with a calendar view.
  • And Much More!
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increase security & Maintain control

Admin Controls

  • Teams Access - Create teams based on departments, job responsibilities, project engagement, or any other criteria that makes sense for your company.Teams are linked by a common calendar and discussions, which can be kept private or public to your company.
  • Guests - Participate in local or international collaborations with suppliers, contractors, and partners.
  • Permissions & Privacy Controls - We give you back control over each project, allow you to restrict access, form secret teams for delicate work, or make teams and projects visible to the rest of your organization.
  • Comment-only Projects - Make your projects comment-only so you can share information with your team and obtain feedback.
  • Team Lead - Create administrators for the organization who has the authority to add, delete, and manage members as well as their two-factor authentication settings. With single sign-on, enterprise customers have extra controls.
  • Data security - Data from DGRCS can be easily exported or deleted, and a backup server will keep your data safe. A 99.9% SLA uptime is another expectation for all clients.
  • And Much More!
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Help Your Team stay Focused


  • Comments - To ensure that everyone stays linked, comment directly on a task to make clear what needs to be done and @coworkers or other tasks or projects.
  • Status - This function simplifies data fromDGRCS into charts and other highlights, making it simple to depict progress visually.
  • Messaging - Contact individuals, teams, and projects privately using DGRCS.
  • Project Conversations - A project's development for achieving sustainability is discussed.
  • Team Conversations - Establish a space for all team announcements and discussions.
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track your work in a single location


  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Excel, and Box - A built-in file chooser allows you to attach files to a task easily.
  • Slack - When your tasks change, send updates to a Slack channel. From Slack, you can also create, perform, and amend tasks.
  • Send Emails - To make emails actionable and ensure that you don't lose track of crucial information, send or forward emails to DGRSC to start dialogues or establish tasks.
  • GitHub - Link "GitHub" commits to tasks to ensure your team is aware of recent code changes.
  • Harvest - Monitor time spent on any task without leaving DGRC.
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